Acronis True Image 2011 Restore Of MBR Partition to GPT Drive.

While toying around with the infamous “install mac retail on a pc” project. I had come across an item that is worth note. This item is when you are wanting to restore your old image created with Acronis True Image 2011. (With plus pack.)

Basically, if you want to restore an image of a partition that was created from an MBR disk to a disk formatted as GPT (Guid Partition Table) then you are unable to resize the partition up or down durring restore. This item came to my face a little to late, but none the less I consider it important enought o post on here. Maybe to save someone else who didn’t dig deep into the docs of Acronis.

If you need to restore a partition created on MBR to a GPT disk, be sure the partition you want to restore to already exists. As well as the size of that partition is sufficient to handle the restored image.

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