CatGenie... festering pot of. Yea!


Good morning!

Figured I would post a wonderful detail of my catgenie experience this morning. I was awoken by a beep coming from our catgenie roughly 3:30am. Walking into the laundry room I find a wonderful pot of stew that the genie was making just for me! That’s right, a clog! My first clog with the genie. Man, why did it have to be this early?

Well put simply the clog was nasty. It was a bowl full of the first cycle water, so ALL sorts of nasty. Anyway, the tech mode/diagnostic mode 1 and 4 did not do anything which showed the clog was most likely in the hose. That’s easy, force water or air back the opposite direction in the hose until it forces the clog back into the catgenie. Then you move on with tech mode 1/4 again to see if it drains.

Lucky for me it did and I can move on the magic 3/4 and then sleep. OH Wait, I’m up at 5am now… what’s the point of going to bed if I just have to get up in a bit anyway. I guess this is the best way to start the morning! For those who own it, tech mode is 1/4 is awesome! It is the drain mode, and will save you from having to empty out the basin. Love and admire that mode I say!

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