Configure Harmony Remote For Apple TV

This Christmas was a great time of year, several things wound up under ye-ole tree. One of which was an Apple TV. Fantastic I though, and even further GREAT that I have a harmony so I won’t set the Apple remote on my bed head board only to watch it vanish into the nether reaches as it falls off.

Well that was until I started searching for Apple TV in the supported devices. There are several articles on how to setup Apple TV, but they all instruct you to mimic a Mac system and adjust remote timing, etc. However, with Harmony version 7.7.0+ it is much easier than that. And really, it only requires the understanding of where exactly Logitech decided the best place was to put the Apple TV. Also, considering the online device search from Logitech hardly if ever works right… the below is hopefully just to poke those who cannot find it into … well finding it!

So lets start off signed into the Harmony Remote Software, and guide yourself to adding a device. You will want to add a device with the following settings:

Device:Media Center PC Manufacturer: Apple Model: Apple TV

After that of course I recommend changing the name of the device so that is says Apple TV instead of Media Center PC.

Click Settings on the device you added as your Apple TV, then under device options select “Rename this device” and click next.

After renaming the device you can proceed with adding it into your activities. Which is the same simple method you’ve always used.

A final note on the use of Harmony with Apple TV, you will need to ensure in the settings of the Apple TV for remotes, you are un-paired. Otherwise your new remote will not be able to control the device.

Now if only Logitech would add a “Search for device” option in the Harmony software, the world would be perfect!

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