nook 1.5 Available Now!

Nook firmware version 1.5 is now available for download. If you are having issues obtaining over wifi, download it manually from the link below and side load it onto your device.

Software Updates - Version 1.5 Our current software update has exciting new features and improves NOOK’s overall performance. Included in Version 1.5:

  1. NEW! Stay in Sync Across Multiple Devices Automatically sync the last page you read on your NOOK or NOOK app with another. For instance, if you stop reading on a certain page on your NOOK, you’ll automatically open to the same exact place on your iPad, iPhone or Android-based Smartphone using our FREE NOOK apps.

  2. NEW! Stay Organized with “My Shelves” Create, name and organize shelves in “My B&N Library” and “My Documents” in “My Shelves”. For instance, you can put all your cookbooks on one shelf, all your spy novels on another shelf, for quick and easy access.

  3. NEW! Password Protect Your NOOK Your NOOK can now be secured in two ways to prevent unauthorized use. First - you can set up your NOOK to lock when it goes into sleep mode, then unlock it with a pass code. Second - you can require a password to purchase content, so others using your NOOK cannot buy anything without your permission.

  4. Faster page turns, improved search, and other optimization The software update is available for NOOKs connected to Wi-Fi® through automatic download or via manual download,

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