IPv6 Time!


Ok so my site wasn’t able to participate last year, nor has it been dual-stacked…. yet. But last year I did participate in the world wide test using a software tunnel client. Yesterday I have upgraded my home network to include an IPv6 tunnel with HE.net and have fully implemented IPv6/IPv4 dual stack in home.

I’m currently working on either transitioning my web site to a host that supports IPv6, or I will put it behind something like CloudFlare that will provide a front end IPv6 listener and direct it to the back-end IPv4 server.

I’ll post my setup here some day… but the high level for now is this: Uverse GW (inside router set to dmz) -> Vyatta Router 6.4 esxi -> internal vlan’s.

The Vyatta Router handles the tunnel to HE.net in addition to the IPv4 stack. All internal VLAN’s are then addressed with their own /64’s. (Trying to keep in line with the RFC’s, but to subnet it down beyond that is about wasted effort. See this link

As for my website itself, I may not have been able to dual stack the servers themselves, but I have managed to get IPv6 accessibility by using the services provided by CloudFlare

With the help of CloudFlare, not only have I gained IPv6 but I have also gained Geo-Location content serving through their globally distributed cache acceleration network.

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