Migration to NameCheap

Just finished migrating over to NameCheap for site hosting from JustHost. My subscription with JustHost was set to expire after several years with them, and I didn’t really have a desire to stay there. Initially their services were decent, but they slowly became degraded over time. Additionally, they were very quick to cancel your service if you used too much resources.

So why did I choose NameCheap this time around? Well first I will say I have not gone back to GoDaddy since their whole scandal surrounding GoDaddy

So since they were out of the picture I decided to look for someone who might be doing things a bit different. And since I’m toying around with Bitcoin right now, seemed a good thing to check out who accepts it as payment. NameCheap fit the bill in that you can deposit and ‘amount’ into your account via BitPay, and then use it to make purchases.

Rather than the checkout integration where you can pay at checkout, the account funding is a few more steps. So fund your account with an amount, or “preload” if you will. Then you can use that amount to purchase anything they offer. Pretty cool regardless if it wasn’t directly checkout integrated!

So far my experience has been pretty good, their services are much faster than JustHost had become which is nice to see. Of course time will tell if they remain so, but it’s a good start. Don’t forget to look for coupons if you do choose their services… as just like everything else the ability to get instant discounts is out there.

Check out the following site for some quick coupons: img

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