#Salutations! So after much delay, I’ve sat down and worked on my site a bit. But… never content with good things, I decided to do another migration.

You see, I’ve contributed a few document fixes to the Microsoft IOT project on GitHub, and through that was exposed to JekyllRB{:target="_blank"}. To put it simply, I was struck by the concept and decided to change my entire site over to it.

So as you see now, I’ve moved from WordPress to Jekyll. Storing my site’s data in GitHub{:target="_blank"}, and using Travis-CI{:target="_blank"} for continuous integration and testing.

This will be a fun and intersting ride… and I’ve even though of bringing the idea of content creation in markup to my work for the documentation I build. Write it in markup, track it in Git, and compile it to the formatted document. Mmmm tasty.