Good day all!

So for a third year in a row, I will be traveling to attend in Microsoft Ignite. This year it happens to be at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando Florida. (For good or bad…) Already registered, flight setup and hotel in pending registration. Yes I’m early, but dag nabbit its such a tiny little area of hotels. And of course now that I’m writing this, I get my hotel confirmation. Boom!

What things are you looking forward to this year? Here’s some of my high points:

  • Take another Python session! - Last year I took the only one, I’m hoping there’s more this year.
  • Moar container information and roadmaps!
  • Linux! Yes this is Ignite, but remember… Microsoft “loves” linux!
  • Someplace other than Atlanta’s convention center with the temporarily out of commission escalators!

If you are going, see you there!