One of the things that has alway been in the back of my mind, as a constant gravitational force pulling my center away from the path I’m on in IT has been the prospects of development. From an early childhood I’ve had that ?curse? to be a game developer, but never chased it. I did however try to learn varios programming languages, starting with of all things C when I was in elementary. From there I eventually dabbled in C++, C#, and more recently started dabbling in NodeJS and GOLang. While none of these turned into my career… they were always a passion.

So recently, or not recently, honestly I don’t remember when I actually clicked the buttons but at SOME point I signed up for the Udacity Grow with Google Challenge. Well, I got the email saying I was accepted into that program!


Working through the course re-ignited that passion, and increased the gravitational forces pulling at me. The desire to see a new path might just be taking hold. We’ll have to see.

But to the course? I just finished up the last project quiz and had a blast. I do have some enhancements and interations to complete on it, which I will get to in short order. Still, I’m hoping to continue on to the next phase in April, we’ll just have to wait and see.

For now, all my projects are on GitHub, and for ease of location here they are: